“Dr. Alberto Banaag was superb”

CristinaBrazil, 26 May 11

Were you pleased with the treatment? I am now living and working in America. No matter where I am in the world, I have anxiety when it comes to dental work. My experience at Bel-Air Dental Care with Dr. Alberto Banaag was superb. You know how sometimes you can just tell that someone is good at what they do? I get that feeling here. I think he is not only good at being a dentist but he really likes it and wants to make you as comfortable as possible.

“High Quality Work”

JohnPhilippines, 04 Feb 10

Were you pleased with the treatment? Honestly, this is the best dentist I have ever used. I am old enough to have had almost every possible dental treatment from cleaning to caps to extractions to root canal work. I went to Dr. Jun specifically for a root canal. This is the first time I really experienced painless treatment. I am not a big baby and expect some pain with any dental treatment. But in this case, for the first time in my life, the only pain was the injection of the anesthesia. Dr. Jun is an absolutely professional in every sense of the word. He takes his craft very seriously in that he is meticulous, measured, and precise in everything that he does. You know that you are in the hands of someone who has the highest degree of skill. I know that this sounds like a paid advertisement, but I am a person who respects high quality work.
Would you recommend the clinic? Without any reservation or hesitation.
Would you return for further treatment? Without question.

“All the staff were awesome”

MaritesPIERRE, SD 57501, 11 Feb 11

Were you pleased with the treatment? Yes! Dr.Blessing Joy Tamayo did a good job.

Would you recommend the clinic? All the staff were awesome!!!!!!

Would you return for further treatment? Yes…definitely

“The final results of the treatment were amazing”

YvonneErmita, 28 Jul 10

Were you pleased with the treatment? LOVED my end results. The staff at Bel-Air Dental were awesome, very prompt in responding to my requests and very accomodating with my own scheduling needs. I loved Dr. Tripon and his very patient and calming personality. He gave me exactly what I wanted after listening very patiently to my dental concerns and my final results at the end of my treatment were amazing! I highly recommend Bel-Air Dental. The facility was very clean and coveniently located in Makati. I give them an A+ !!!!

Would you recommend the clinic? Yes I do recommend the clinic and was very impressed at the very speedy responses to my inquiries and concerns. I am from the USA and could have never gotten this much attentiveness to my treatment in the USA. Staff is all proficient, courteous and prompt in getting your dental needs met.

Would you return for further treatment? Yes I will return to Bel-Air Dental in the future for my cosmetic dental needs because I know that I will get exactly what I want!

“Good Dentist”

JunUS, 06 Dec 11

Were you pleased with the treatment? Needing to find a good dentist in a hurry due to my short stay in Manila & my dental needs, I felt very fortunate to found Dr. Jun Tripon. Not only did he promptly take care of my immediate needs, but I find them very consummate professionals and treat their patients with utmost respect and courtesy. I will always recommend Dr Jun Tripon and his wonderful staff to my friends and relatives.

Treated By Anselmo M. Tripon Jr., in Philippines

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