“Very pleasing”

MauriceAustralia, 20 Feb 10

Were you pleased with the treatment?
Very pleasing to find someone genuinely interested in my dental hygiene.

Would you recommend the clinic?
I would be happy to introduce to others. (already have done so many times) as I have returned over five times.

Would you return for further treatment?
Most certainly. Have been back to see Dr. Tripon every year for the last four years and taken two friends with me.

“One of the Best”

LeddaPhilippines, 02 Aug 11

Were you pleased with the treatment?
I’m going back to Bel-Air Dental Care for my second prophylaxis tomorrow. The reception staff was very accommodating. Dr. Banaag was very good in explaining the conditions of my gums which was quite infected and he said regular cleaning would help avoid having infection. With other clinics, cleaning would only take 15 minutes but here, cleaning took one and a half hours but I really felt the difference. My gum sensitivity was greatly reduced and one of my teeth was saved from being pulled because it was my gums that had the problem, not my tooth. When it comes to dental care, I think this clinic is one of the best.

Treatment:  Cleaning


VivianWanaka, 05 Jul 14

I was pleased with the result. Highly recommendable.

“Very helpful from the start”

JohnPasay, 10 Jul 14

Dr. Bless and her assistants were very helpful from the start. Every aspect of the treatment (2 implants side by side) was explained and backed up with the latest scan and digital x-rays to ensure proper placement and avoidance of sinus canals, adjoining tooth nerves etc. The actual

Treated by: Blessing Joy

“The treatment was very good”

AlaBribsane, 26 Oct 11

Were you pleased with the treatment?
The treatment was very good. Service is good. They were very friendly and professional.

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